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The Ideal brand 13-13-13 provides a balance of three primary nutrients used by plantings to promote healthier growth. Ideal for vegetable and flower gardens, shrubs and landscape plantings. The quick release formula can be applied every 30 days through-out the growing npk 13-40-13 N ovel’s 13-40-13 is a NPK water-soluble fertilizer is a high percentage of phosphorus, featuring a very high degree of solubility, purity and the absence of chlorine and sodium. The NPK ratio makes it particularly suitable for fostering plant rooting and blossoming with consequent production and agricultural yield increases.

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This fertilizer is ideal for your vegetable garden, shrubs, trees, hedges and flowers. The fast-release formula feeds your plants up to 2 weeks. 13-13-13 fertilizer contains an equal 13 percent of each of the three primary plant nutrients found in soil: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Always read and follow label directions before Mixing and blending fertilizer has been an aspect of Martin’s Elevator for over 40 years. We offer an array of standard fertilizer mixes as well as custom analysis in bulk and bagged form.

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Get the best deals for 13-13-13 fertilizer at We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! 13-13-13 Target Crops/ Special Uses General purpose formulation for a wide variety of plant types. For use in nursery, foliage and greenhouse production, container gardens, interi-orscapes and landscapes.

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DON'T use cheap, quick-release fertilizers like 13-13-13. Sure, it costs about half of the brand names, but its nutrients run off after a heavy rain and don't feed for long. Greencare 13:27:27 Water Soluble fertilizer Concentrate - 200gm SKU: #horti245. Greencare 13:27:27 is a water soluble plant food concentrate for fruit and nut crops, vegetable and flowering plants.

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A Homeowner's Guide to Fertilizer: Understanding the Fertilizer Label : All fertilizer labels have three bold numbers.

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(711) Small Grain Silage 17. (004) Sorghum Silage 18. (017) Soybeans 19.

Applications of grazing fertilizers containing low levels of potassium e.g. 27-2.5-5 will not cause  High Tower NPK Compound Fertilizer 27-13-0 It's patented product with super energy and ecological conservation, which is produced by industry-leading tower   we have organic Fertilizers, they are list below: NPK 15-15-15 Fertilizer NPK 12- 12-17 + MgO Fertilizer NPK 27-13-13 Fertilizer NPK 20-10-10 Fertilizer 19 products 27-5-5 + 6% SO3 - Compound granular fertiliser with sulphur with the 24-0-13 +5% SO3 - Compound fertiliser suitable for high phosphate, low  additional coating agents to give a more consistent and suitable fertilizer for spreading up to 24m. SuperCAN 27%N 4%S, 27, 4 13-6-20 + S, 13, 6, 20, 3. NPK 13+27+27 TE Orchid Fort Fertilizer Spray (500ml) Organic Liquid Fertiliser is a tested and proven formula ideal for most indoor and outdoor plant types. To determin the amount of nitrogen in a bag of fertilizer, you must calculate the pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. Fertilizers are plant nutrients, required for crops to grow.